Rotary saving childrens life in Ukraine

Project Purpose and Impact

Lviv International Rotary Club is running a project that saves life of children in trafic. When accidents happens it is mostly because car drivers cannot see the child and this is what Rotary are changing by giving reflective hangers to put on childrens school bags to make them visible. It is a pilot project running in Lviv Region and with a visible result the project will be implemented to other regions of Ukraine.

We have started the project with 6000 reflective hangers which will be giving out to schools children in February and March 2016.

To reach a visible result and have success, we need to have other Rotary clubs and/or other investors supporting this project. A small amount of money can help a huge amount of children.

With low capital we can make a huge difference and by time the project will be self financed and continuing at the national level. Perhaps even copied to a worldwide project.

Please give us a hand and help the children of Ukraine!!



Statistic shows that many children are crippled and killed in traffic accidents in Ukraine due to poor visibility, lack of lights on the cars and they can not reflect walking on the roads. In rural areas there are not sidewalks, people are walking on the roads and especially there, many accident happens.

Lviv International Rotary Club is helping children to be visible in traffic by giving kids up to 10 year in schools equipment to be seen in traffic.

We are in cooperation with local schools and universities and volounteer that want to help distribution of equipment.

First phase is finish supporting Lviv region with 6000 refleces to schools in the region.

Spend money is 25000 UAH.

Fundraising is 20000 UAH by selling 2000 reflectes from the order.




30.06.16 By the end of first half year 2016 we have handed out more than 2000 reflexes the schools in lviv and region

13.10.16 Lviv International RC making cooperation with Traffic Police to support this project. Police will hand out the reflictors to schools together with Rotary.

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