Incubators for Premature Babies – Neonatology Ward, Lviv Regional Clinical Hospital (LRCH)

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About 5% of all births in LVIV region are preterm, meaning that about 1500 infants are born before 37 weeks of pregnancy, and more than 100 of them are extremely preterm (<28 weeks gestation).

The main place where premature babies can get necessary and appropriate care is Lviv Regional Clinical Hospital (LRCH). LRCH is a tertiary level regional center with 2 specialized units (NICU and intermediate care unit) providing care for sick newborns delivered in all maternity hospitals of the city and region

There are about 700 annual admissions of preterm and sick term newborns with up to 200 of the sickest very preterm newborns (<32 weeks gestation) out of them

Both units currently are short of incubators which are principally necessary in the process of optimal care for sick immature patients

The costs needed to provide medical care for them during the perinatal period alone are substantial because of the need for expensive high-tech intensive care equipment and supplies which is difficult to obtain and maintain in a country with limited resources




Prematurity represents a global health crisis and an unsolved clinical challenge.

The complications of preterm birth result in significant morbidity and mortality, with preterm birth accounting for one-third of all infant deaths (death within the first year of life) and with associated major morbidity in 80 % of all survivors born at 22-28 weeks gestation.

Prematurity is the most frequent cause of death in the first month of life and the second leading cause of all deaths in children aged <5 years.

Many survivors of critical prematurity require lifelong supportive care

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Incubators for Premature Babies – Neonatology Ward, Lviv Regional Clinical Hospital (LRCH)

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