Helping Elderly house in Lviv.

Project Purpose and Impact

The population in Lviv region is 2.5 million inhabitants out of which 700 thousand are pensioners, including 200 thousand pensioners in the city of Lviv itself. There is ONLY ONE (!) state house for elderly in Lviv city for 350 people. This house was built in 1950s and remains in a very poor condition.


There are mostly families who take care of elderly and ill people in Ukraine. The external ways of taking care of elders is just starting in Ukraine. When a family decides to do so, it has basically one option at present which is to put an elderly person in the state-run elderly house.


It is expected that the proposed project of improving living conditions in the public elderly house in Lviv city will spur the attention to the problem with elderly care in Ukraine. This in turn might lead to the increased interest of starting private houses for elderly in Ukraine. This will create more options for families to provide a civilized European style care for elderly.


Presently there is a lot to do in both public and private sector of the elderly care houses. There is a lack of houses for elderly in Ukraine. Nationwide, there are only 300 (!) state-run such homes for elderly, which is way too little for Ukraine as a country with 45 million people. There are millions of abandoned and lonely old people in Ukraine without support of families, especially women. It is known that there are whole villages where only retired women are living. The elderly care market has very big potential to grow in Ukraine.



The House for Elderly in Lviv city is a public institution under the supervision of the Regional Authorities built in 1950s. The state support for the house of elderly is extremely limited and does not meet basic needs. People spend their lives in miserable conditions. This social institution operates at almost full capacity – it hosts 320 patients with 78 people who are immovable due to the severe illnesses. Typical diseases are heavy forms of cerebral palsy, dementia and multiple sclerosis, conditions after stroke, paralysis and diabetes. There are 18 patients per one nurse (!) for daily care, including those who cannot move.


There are urgent needs in the institution:

-installing an elevator in the 5 storied building for the transportation of those who have problems of moving and especially those who cannot move at all outside the building.

-installing hand rails in toilet rooms and bathrooms. 80 sets of handrails are needed.

-installing a ramp at the entranceto lift up those who have problems with moving up

-installing more TV sets. Currently there are only 5 TV sets for 320 people. 60 TV sets are needed. It is the only entertainment for old people in this institution.

-purchasing improved used or new mechanical beds (80 beds), especially those with the bed lifters for immovable patients. This will help nurses to provide more care to patients.

-various hygiene items, clothing and medication

-repairs in the building

-involving rehabilitation specialists and physiatrists



10.05.16 Visited the elderly house to identify help opportunities

04.06.16 Made a BBQ day for the elderly, made the clean area work, started painting hand rails, did project evaluation on ventilation and ceiling in kitchen.

10.06.16 Send letter to several rotary clubs in Denmark for support of beds and industrian washing facilities

10.06.16 Member in Poland and Germany met with Rotary clubs and other helping institutions to support equipments

April 2017 48 fully equiped hospital beds arrived and is installed!! Thank you Rotary Clubs of Odense in Denmark!

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