Early diagnosis of congenital heart defects in children in Lviv

Project Purpose and Impact

Congenital heart defects are one of the leading causes of newly born children mortality. Due to the incredible progress in pediatric cardiac surgery, most of the defects, which used to be critical and inevitably led to death, are well corrected now and these children survive and enter into adulthood. However, when it comes to critical congenital heart defects the life prognosis depends solely on the proper and timely diagnosis, which is a decision-making point for the terms of the surgical repair of the defect.

Time is one of the main decisive factors of saving the life of the newborn. Therefore, it is crucial for the doctors of the mobile brigade to be able to arrive to the perinatal center in order to diagnose the defect as soon as possible and organize everything needed for the transportation of the patient to the Kyiv Children’s Cardiology center, were the most complicated cardiac surgeries are being performed.

The purpose of the project is to acquire a modern portable ultrasound machine with continuous doppler. The impact will be in making accurate diagnosis of child congenital heart defects and being able to make immediate surgery related actions. This will allow a medical brigade to move out to the patient instead of accepting the child only at a fixed location in the hospital.



Lviv Regional Children’s Hospital OCHMATDYT is the oldest children’s hospital in the West region of Ukraine, which was founded in 1927.

The Hospital is a multipurpose specialized clinic, which provides round-the-clock service for the children of Lviv and the neighboring regions of Ukraine in 20 different specialties and conducts consultation services in the other hospitals of the Region.

The Hospital also serves as a clinical base of the Danylo Halytskyy Lviv National Medical University, Institute of the Hereditary Pathology and Lviv Medical College.

Nearly 65 000 children receive medical assistance on the basis of the Hospital and Consultative polyclinic annually, and nearly 5000 of them, are being consulted by the specialists from the mobile consultative doctors group. Nearly 190 medical doctors work in the hospital and polyclinic, and accounts nearly 420 beds.

Main regional children cardiologist Kurilyak O.B. works on the basis of the pediatric department and provides ultrasound consultation for the children of the Lviv Region in the hospital polyclinics. The Ultrasound machine with continuous Doppler localizes in the polyclinic, which is nearly 500 meters away from the main Hospital building. The need of transportation of the patient either from ICU or other departments to another building creates inconveniences as for the medical personnel and for the patient.

Portable ultrasound machine with continuous doppler is crucial in order to provide the proper and timely diagnosis for children with congenital heart defects, children with surgically corrected congenital heart defects and children, who are in ICU and cannot be transported to the USD-room.



Project finalized on 26.06.2018.

All equipment’s are delivered and in work.

We vitness saving a child with very fast diagnostic. We are happy!!!

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