What is Paul Harris Club

Our Club Board of Directors consists of 5-7 people with mixed nationalities. President, Secretary,
Treasurer and Committee Chairmen; (Members Development, Project Service, Public Relation and Rotary Foundation).
Normally committees are created by interests and volunteers members with special interest and function to perform duties
of such responsibility. Please see Committees and responsible person for you to get in contact with the responsible person.

Rotary International Club of Krakow

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Charity donation

You can take a part of charity help for Lviv community and peoples.
You can donate as at all to our club or to a direct project.

You have 2 types of payment:
1. Transfer money on our bank account
2. Donate with PayPal
1. Rotary Club Lviv International
Bank account 2600680687978
Bank: PJSC JSB «Lviv», Lviv, Ukraine

2. Beneficiary: RC Lviv International 79008, Lviv,
Ploscha Soborna, House 2, apt. 1-b

3. Intermediary bank: Raiffeisen Bank
Internationa AG, Vienna, Austria
Account number: 00055078273