About us


It is a great pleasure for Us to present You to Our club!

We are the newest Rotary Club in Western Ukraine! Our membership is varied and comprised of a vast pool of experience and leadership. We have strong local relations both in business and social activities. As a Rotarian, you are becoming a part of our Rotarian family and being a member of one of the strongest worldwide team with goals to make a better world.

Rotary international was founded in Chicago in 1905 by Paul Harris. Rotary is a network of more than 1.2 milion Rotarians worldwide in more than 34.000 clubs.

In Ukraine, there are more than 40 clubs representing all parts of the country. Lviv has 8 Rotary Clubs; RC Lviv that was the first club in Ukraine founded in 1935, RC Lviv-Leopolis founded in 1998, RC Lviv-Center is our mother club founded in 2001, RC Ratusha founded in 2003, RC Lviv-Zamok founded in 2010, RC Kniazhyi founded in 2012, RC Lviv International founded in 2016.

Rotaract is a club for the young generation to prepare entering a Rotary Club.

Lviv International Rotary Club is a club created from strong business and intellectual knowledge people. We have as well as local levelled members, as International levelled members on the high positions in society. The Charter members are wide selections of business people touching all classifications of professions in Lviv that widens our knowledge as a Club. Club demand is inviting members to join only with high professional skills and with English knowledge on speaking and understanding level.

To become a member of Rotary, you need to be recommended by another Rotarian to a club. If a member of Lviv International Rotary Club recommends you to our club, you will be invited to our club meeting to make a presentation of yourself. In this case we already know that you speak English and are from the top level of our society which can add value to Rotary International.

What is Rotary? Rotary is a worldwide organization that brings together business and private people who want to make a change to save the world, to build business and friendship relations in its country and across borders, meeting leaders from worldwide societies with success in life and Rotary.

Our spirit in Rotary is international relations with worldwide Rotary clubs to strengthen our club and business relations to support member’s interests as well as supporting sustainable projects in Ukraine, especially on the local region level.

Any direct cooperation from Rotary Club to Rotary Club worldwide, with interests in both countries supporting projects with mutual interest.

Charity donation

You can take a part of charity help for Lviv community and peoples.
You can donate as at all to our club or to a direct project.

You have 2 types of payment:
1. Transfer money on our bank account
2. Donate with PayPal
1. Rotary Club Lviv International
Bank account 2600680687978
Bank: PJSC JSB «Lviv», Lviv, Ukraine

2. Beneficiary: RC Lviv International 79008, Lviv,
Ploscha Soborna, House 2, apt. 1-b

3. Intermediary bank: Raiffeisen Bank
Internationa AG, Vienna, Austria
Account number: 00055078273